Жители Литвы не стремятся к повышению квалификации
Репрезентативный опрос населения Литвы показал, что лишь менее одной пятой части работников уделяет время и средства на повышение квалификации.

Власти эвакуировали порт Антверпена из-за пожара на складе химикатов
Власти бельгийского Антверпена эвакуировали городской порт из-за пожара на складе химикатов.

Дзадза согласовал контракт с «Марселем»
В прошлом сезоне Дзадза принял участие в 33 матчах Примеры, в которых забил 13 голов.

В Японии инженер создал робота-андроида с лицом 10-летнего мальчика
В Японии инженер Хироси Исигиро из Осакского университета (Osaka University), известный разработкой человекоподобных роботов, представил свое новое творение.

Хроленко: американским войскам дан приказ окопаться в Балтии
Возможны рецидивы в других странах Балтии, и шансы Литвы растут.


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Various Artists:  20 Years Of Nuclear Blast.  Digibook Edition (2 DVD) Nuclear Blast America, Inc
Nuclear Blast America, Inc
Anthrax – Deathrider 38. Blind Guardian – Another Stranger Me 09. Subway To Sally – Sieben 40. Chrome Division – Serial Killer 16. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter – Dance With Me 33. Echoes Of Eternity – Voices In A Dream 13. Sonic Syndicate – Denied 23. Nightwish – While Your Lips Are Still Red. Thunderstone – Face In The Mirror 12. Epica – Never Enough (Long Version) 07. All Shall Perish – Eradiction 30. Mnemic – Meaningless 29. Ride The Sky – New Protection 08. Meshuggah – Rational Gaze 36. Nightwish– Amaranth 02. Belphegor – Bluthsturm Erotica 21. Sirenia – The Other Side 05. After Forever – Energize Me 03. Therion – Son Of The Staves Of Time 35. Samael – Slavocracy 18. Ektomorf – Outcast 28. Hammerfall – Natural High 10. Mendeed – The Dead Live By Love 31. Clawfinger – The Price We Pay 27. Amorphis – Silent Waters 04. The Destiny Program – Project Hoax 34. Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering 19. Edguy – King Of Fools 39. Threshold – Pilot In The Sky Of Dreams 14. Gotthard – The Call 15. Tarot – Ashes To The Stars 11. Dew-Scented – That’s Why I Despise You 22. Kataklysm – To Reign Again 20. Knorkator – Alter Mann 32. Chimaira – Resurrection 24. Deathstars – Blitzkrieg 17. In Flames – Come Clarity 25. Threat Signal – Rational Eyes 26. Soilwork – Exile 37. Sonata Arctica – Paid In Full 06. Tracklist: 01.
1349 руб.
Iron Maiden:  Visions Of The Beast (2 DVD) EMI Records Ltd.
EMI Records Ltd.
The Angel And The Gambler 29. Fear Of The Dark 23. The Wicker Man 31. Lord Of The Flies 27. Holy Smoke 16. Run To The Hills 04. Infinite Dreams (Live) 15. Wasting Love 22. The Clairvoyant (Donington '88) 14. Afraid To Shoot Strangers 26. Futureal 30. Can I Play With Madness 12. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 18. Hallowed Be Thy Name 24. Out Of The Silent Planet 32. The Trooper (Promo Version) 07. Tracklist: 01. Wasted Years 10. From Here To Eternity 21. Tailgunner 17. Flight Of Icarus 06. The Number Of The Beast 05. Brave New World. Virus 28. Women In Uniform 02. Stranger In A Strange Land 11. Man On The Edge 25. Aces High 09. 2 Minutes To Midnight 08. Wrathchild (Live At The Rainbow) 03. The Slaughter 19. The Evil That Men Do 13. Be Quick Or Be Dead 20.
1299 руб.
Def Leppard:  Best Of The Videos Mercury Records Limited
Mercury Records Limited
Now29. Rocket12. Miss You In A Heartbeat21. Photograph02. Tonight18. Pour Some Sugar On Me08. Make Love Like A Man14. Two Steps Behind 20. I Wanna Touch U19. Hysteria10. Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad16. Love Bites11. Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion) 17. Women07. Promises27. Rock Of Ages03. Work It Out25. Bringing' On The Heartbreak05. When Love And Hate Collide23. Heaven Is15. Action22. Armageddon It09. Slang24. Long, Long Way To Go. Content: 01. Let's Get Rocked13. Goodbye 28. Foolin'04. Animal06. All I Want Is Everything26.
1419 руб.
Dark Symphonies.  Volume 1.  The Ultimate Dark Metal Compilation Концерн
Концерн "Группа Союз",Blueline Productions
Samael - Black Hole9. Kataklysm - Taking The World By Storm12. Belphegor - In Blood - Devour This Sanctity8. Cradle Of Filth - For Your Fulgar Delectation2. Master - Pay To Die. Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful6. Pain - Follow Me10. Eluveitie - Inis Mona4. Therion - Son Of The Staves Of Time14. Immortal - All Shall Fall3. Amorphis - Silver Pride15. Dimmu Borgir - Gateways5. Testament - More Than Meets The Eye11. Satyricon - Phoenix7. Soilwork - Exile13. Track List: 1. this is the perfect occasion to watch them as often as you want. 1 is the ultimate clip compilation for every heart that is beating for' Heavy Metal! Featuring clips from various cult acts, such as Testament, Satyricon, Amorphis, Nightwish and many more. Since it's very hard to see the clips of your favorite bands on TV. DARK SYMPHONIES Vol.
1669 руб.
Axel Rudi Pell& Friends.  Magic Moments.  25th Anniversary Special Show (Blu-ray) Steamhammer
The band was firing on all cylinders and made this special show a lifetime event! Tracklist: Steeler-Call Her PrincessSteeler - Night After NightSteeler - Rockin 'The City Steeler - Undercover Animal Nasty Reputation Warrior Fool FoolBurning Chains Strong As A Rock Long Way To GoHey Hey My My Mystica Into The Storm Too Late / Eternal Prisoner/ Too Late The Masquerade Ball / CasbahRock The NationDrum Battle Black Night SympathyTush Mistreated Since You Been Gone Long Live Rock 'N' Roll Smoke On The WaterFool Fool Sympathy TushBlack Night Long Live Rock 'N 'Roll Mistreated Smoke On The Water. In 2014, Axel Rudi Pell celebrated the 25th anniversary of his solo career. Also joining in the celebration were Graham Bonnet, John Lawton, Doogie White, Tony Carey, Vinny Appice, Ronnie Atkins, Jeff Scott Soto, Rob Rock and more... To commemorate this accomplishment, he was joined by friends and fellow musicians playing a unique show together. Besides the current ARP lineup, there was a one-off exclusive reunion of Steeler, the band which started Axel's professional musician guild.
1629 руб.
Metal& Goth:  Unlimited ZYX Music
ZYX Music
Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger 11. Subsignal - Touchstones 15. In Strict Confidence - Morpheus 21. Manilla Road - Heavy Metal To The World 13. Exilia - Recording Of Decode 05. Megaherz - Gegen Den Wind 18. Manilla Road - Crystal Logic 12. Megaherz - Miststuck (Live At Wacken 2012) 20. Mandylion - Doch Heute Fuhl Ich Leise 24. Megaherz - Jagdzeit 17. Schongeist - Sesam Offne Dich 23. In Strict Confidence - Tiefer 22. Running Wild - Port Royal 10. довольствие: 01. Exilia - Over The Edge 04. Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua 08. Subsignal - Where Angels Fear To Tread 14. Emergency Gate - Gold& Glass 03. Impending Doom - Murderer 07. Remopark - Vivid Hours. Megaherz - Herz Aus Gold 19. Impending Doom - Deceiver 06. Sacred Reich - The American Way 09. Emergency Gate - Mindfuck 02. Schlagwerk - Das Kalte Herz 16.
1349 руб.
Feuertanz Festival 2010 (Blu-ray) ZYX Music
ZYX Music
Feuerschwanz - Verteidiger 13. Ignis Fatuus - Stille Wasser 23. Eluveitie - Bloodstained Ground 8. Eluveitie - Thousandfold 7. Wutas - Cu Culain 18. Fejd - Svanesang 14. Subway To Sally - Die Ratten 5. Eluveitie - Gray Sublime Archon 9. Folkstone - Terra Santa 20. Ignis Fatuus - Fruhlingsreigen 24. Fejd - Varg I Veum 15. Fejd - Morgonstjarnan 16. пылесодержание: 1. Subway To Sally - Puppenspieler 3. Subway To Sally - Feuerland 2. Wutas - D'Hadischn 19. Subway To Sally - Krahenkonig 4. Wutas - Walzer 17. Ignis Fatuus - Wachter Der Nacht. Folkstone - Freri 21.Folkstone - Folkstone 22. Omnia - Wytches' Brew 10. Feuerschwanz - Met Und Miezen 12. Feuerschwanz - Schwanzonate 11. Eluveitie - Nil 6.
1249 руб.
Wacken:  Metal Overdrive Steamhammer
Saxon - Princess Of The Night 28. Saxon - Power& The Glory 27. Interview Rose Tattoo 09. Interview Sodom 14. "Horny Henry" (Official Wacken DVD-Trailer) 30. Interview Dimmu Borgir 20. Interview Rage 12. Saxon - Wheels Of Steel Special Features: 29. Motorhead - Motorhead 25. Interview Doro Pesch 02. Rose Tattoo - Outta This Place 10. Sodom - Ausgebomt 15. Motorhead - No Class 24. Grave Digger - Heavy Metal Breakdown Interview Grave Digger 06. Hammerfall - Renegade 18. Grave Digger - Rebellion 05. Wacken Slideshow 32. Wacken Impressions 31. Holy Moses& Doro Pesch - Too Drunk To Fuck 03. Interview Motorhead 23. Rage - Don't Fear The Winter Tracklist Dusk 13. Dimmu Borgir - Blessing Upon The Throne Of Thyranny 21. Wacken Poster Gallery 33. DVD Connector. Hammerfall - Hammerfall 19. Dimmu Borgir - Puritania 22. жалованье: Tracklist Dawn 01. Vicious Rumors - Down To The Temple 08. Rose Tattoo - Bad Boy For Love 11. Sodom - M-16 16. Interview Saxon 26. Interview Holy Moses 04. Interview Hammerfall 17. Vicious Rumors - Fight 07.
1529 руб.
Black Label Society:  Unblackened (Blu-ray) Eagle Vision
Eagle Vision
Speedball16. Losin' Your Mind 02. I Thank You Child 17. Stillborn. Takillya (Estyabon) 13. House Of Doom 07. The Blessed Hellride 03. Tracklist:01. Machine Gun Man09. Spoke In The Wheel 06. Won't Find It Here 14. Sweet Jesus 10. Throwin' It All Away 12. Queen Of Sorrow 08. Rust 15. Road Back Home05. In This River11. Sold My Soul 04.
2799 руб.
Judas Priest:  Battle Cry Sony Musik Entertainment
Sony Musik Entertainment
Jawbreaker11. Metal Gods04. Breaking the Law12. Recorded Live On 1ST August 2015 At Wacken Festival, Germany01. Living After Midnight. (intro) Battle Cry02. Hell Bent for Leather13. Painkiller17. Dragonaut03. Electric Eye15. Beyond the Realms of Death10. You've Got Another Thing Coming16. Halls of Valhalla07. Victim of Changes06. The Hellion14. Redeemer of Souls09. Turbo Lover08. Devil's Child05.
1049 руб.
DragonForce.  In The Line Of Fire Ear Music
Ear Music
Cry Thunder13. Fred Loves Japan03. Japan Show Day12. Content:01. Black Winter Night05. Vadim Back Home20. Fred - Life In France08. Behind The World Tour Part 114. Sam Off Tour07. Tomorrow's Kings09. Valley Of The DamnedExtras:01. Ring Of Fire17. Seasons06. Fury Of The Storm02. Symphony Of The Night10. Marc's Tokyo Adventure02. Through The Fire And Flames18. Herman's Time Off21. Behind The World Tour Part 216. Marc's Inspirations15. Right Mix. The Crew19. Tokyo Party04. Gee's Drums Journey11. Three Hammers03.
1299 руб.
Peter Care, Cabaret Voltaire, Richard H.  Kirk:  Johnny Yesno:  Redux (2 DVD + 2 CD) Mute Records
Mute Records
110. Doublevision SignatureDVD2: New Versions, New Work01. The FilmsThe Original Doublevision Video Release01. Loosen The Clamp (Redone)05. Go Go Dancer09. Loosen The Clamp (Red-Out)15. Premonition14. Invocation / Waves16. (Partially) Deleted Scenes08. Johnny Version03. Loosen The Clamp06. Cab Ride/Flashbacks03. Hallucination Sequence04. Redux Re-Edit06. Johnny Yesno Redux02. Cab Ride / Parallel Worlds / Credit Sequence. The Aluisi Treatment Pt. Yashar Redacted17. News From Nowhere13. Empty Room07. 211. Invocation05. Yashar07. I Found A Wall12. DVD 1: Johnny Yesno. Invocation/Journey04. The Aluisi Treatment Pt. Johnny Yesno02.
2569 руб.
Ulver:  The Norwegian National Opera (DVD + CD) Jester Records
Jester Records
Hallways Of Always 13. England 14. Little Blue Bird 05. A Cold Kiss 15. A Memorable Fancy 12. Let The Children Go 04. The Moon Piece 02. Operator 09. The Leg Cutting Piece. Eos 03. In The Red 08. For The Love Of God 07. Rock Massif 06. Funebre 10. Tracklist:01. Not Saved 17. Excerpts Of Silence 11. Like Music 16.
1669 руб.
Cult Of Luna:  Live At La Gaite Lyrique, Paris (DVD + 2 CD) Earache Records Ltd.
Earache Records Ltd.
Owlwood 04. Dark City Dead Man. Finland 09. The Sweep 02. Echoes 05. Dim 13. Marching To The Heartbeats 08. Thirtyfour 12. Light Chaser 03. 01. Waiting For You 07. And With Her Came The Birds 11. I: The Weapon 06. Back To Chapel Town 10.
1999 руб.
Cult Of Luna:  Live At La Gaite Lyrique, Paris (DVD + 2 CD) Earache Records Ltd.
Earache Records Ltd.
Dim 13. The Sweep 02. Dark City Dead Man. And With Her Came The Birds 11. Marching To The Heartbeats 08. Waiting For You 07. Light Chaser 03. Owlwood 04. I: The Weapon 06. Finland 09. 01. Thirtyfour 12. Back To Chapel Town 10. Echoes 05.
1999 руб.